About Us


At the heart of our vision is to help local churches and ministries put a strategy together to reach within the community to impact the Kingdom of God. We believe that one of the greatest ways to impact the Kingdom for generations to come is to reach the current young generation. One of the most effective ways that we have found is to reach sports teams. Sports is a unifying method. The outreach event “A Night of Champions” is designed to help connect the local church/ministries with a night that will encompass sports and the Gospel. Several goals that we believe that should be accomplished at each event includes:

  • A Great Night of Team Building
  • Those In Attendance Understand A Church That Loves Them.
  • The Gospel Is Presented To Everyone In Attendance.

We believe that “A Night of Champions” will connect local teams and the community with the host church/ministries. Typically, there will be more unchurched individuals and those without a relationship with Christ at the event than any other time of the year.